Tarptautinė konferencija „Bendradarbiavimo skatinimas siekiant tvarios ir žiedinės bioekonomikos“

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CIRCLE project and Baltic Studies Centre

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International conference “Promoting collaboration for a sustainable and circular bioeconomy“
The conference brings together experts with different professional backgrounds and academic disciplines from across the Baltic-Nordic region and Ukraine to share knowledge on a sustainable and circular bioeconomy and discuss different ways of promoting it.

The conference originates in and is the final event of the CIRCLE project (2021-2024) that aims to develop an interdisciplinary perspective on the circular economy in the Baltic-Nordic region. The focus of the project is on circular initiatives within agriculture, forestry, and aquaculture and across sectoral boundaries. In line with the project, the conference seeks to explore collaboration among different stakeholders, and the factors facilitating and hampering the development and wider adoption of circular practices. Conference presentations address both the supply and demand side of circularity of bio-resources by considering the perspectives of producers and consumers, and also identifying the key policy implications. The conference aims to contribute to the growing academic, public, and policy debates at both national and European level on sustainable resource use.

Key topics of the conference include:

  • Circular bioeconomy resources and products,
  • Circular business models in the bioeconomy sector,
  • Philosophical and ethical aspects of the circular bioeconomy,
  • Collaboration for the circular bioeconomy: business, multi-actor and academic perspectives,
  • Policies, regulatory frameworks and institutional environment for the circular bioeconomy development.

Date: 10 April 2024

Venue: Online (Zoom)

Registration link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0lduGuqzgtH9e3Xe7AHRKlFzTD-QvqvOMt

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